iRCM offers entire spectrum of Revenue Cycle Management services to healthcare provider for various disciplines and specialties. iRCM’s customizable workflow will help in improving and maximizing the cash flow, profit and reduce operating cost of hiring, training and provide the client with cost effective end to end RCM solution.

Medical Billing

Our billing solutions are designed to help increase your revenues and decrease the reimbursement days by delivering.

Medical Coding

iRCM professional coders with several years of on medical coding experience provide highly accurate and compliant coding services by adhering to the LMRP, CCI Edits and other coding guidelines.

  • AAPC certified professional coders
  • Proficient in CPT, ICD-9, ICD-10 and HCPCS codes across various specialties
  • Familiar with Insurance and Government regulatory requirements
  • Comprehensive training program and continual education program
  • Stringent quality audit & HIPAA compliance
Charge Entry

With the qualified, experienced billing professionals and by adhering to the billing guidelines of the client and Insurance, clean claims are sent to the payers faster. Our highly trained team with the effective training and feedback mechanism are dedicated to maximize the reimbursements through accurate claims entry with minimum denials and A/R follow up.

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Increased cash flow with faster payments
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • HIPAA compliant process
  • High quality with quick turnaround
Payment Posting

Cash posting team posts all your payment and denials accurately in the billing software. The team analyzes the payment while posting for the partial and low payment and takes the necessary action to recover the due reimbursement for partial and low payments.

Our services in payment posting include

  • Accurate posting of payments Manual and Electronic
  • Accurate management and analysis of denials
  • Refunds
  • Patient statements / bills
AR Follow-Up

Maintaining the AR cycle up to speed with the current challenges of complex reimbursement from payers, ever changing technology is becoming tougher.

iRCM objective is to improve cash flow and profitability by increasing the collection ratio and reducing A/R days. A/R follow up team is trained to identify the claims that require follow up with the insurance companies and take necessary actions to collect the unpaid or partially paid claims.

iRCM A/R teams follow a structured, systematic process to maintain high collections with minimum reimbursement days.

Our services in AR Follow-up include

  • Pre verification or Eligibility
  • Enrollment / Credentialing
  • Payer follow up for denials / claim status
  • Patient follow up