Medical Coding

Get Accurate and Reliable Coding with iRCM

Medical Coding and Code Audits Ensures Authenticity and Enhances the Cash Flow Cycle.

iRCM’s medical coding services guarantee improved quality, quick turnaround and elimination of hiring, training and retention challenges for experienced medical coders and add to that a huge cost savings.

We have one of the largest in-house full-time AAPC certified CPC medical coders. All our Coders receive extensive training. All coding work is audited by coding and compliance experts to ensure highest accuracy.

We provide access to experienced certified AAPC and AHIMA coders with skills in multiple clinical specialties and all hospital coding disciplines. We serve medical groups, academic organizations, hospitals, clinics and coding companies throughout the Nation across all state.

Our Coding Services Include:

  • Hospital in-patient / out-patient / ER Coding
  • Physician Coding
  • Ambulatory Surgical Center Coding
  • Ancillary Coding
  • Radiology Coding

Benefits with Our Coding Services:

  • Cleaner Claims and Fewer Denials
  • Up to 98% Accuracy and Compliance with all Government Regulations
  • Transparency in the Coding Methodology produces consistency and eliminates the risk of errors
  • Certified Coders regularly monitor the work
  • Multi Level Quality Checks
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Readiness for ICD-10 Transition