Take the worries out of adopting an EHR with iRCMAX. Our free, full-featured EHR is designed by a experts in Billing and Providers to fit the way you think and work. Built for almost all browsers and computers like iPad, Windows, Android, Mozilla and Mac. It gives you great flexibility and the freedom to stay connected with your patient during their visit.

Building notes and managing patient interactions is easy with iRCMAX EHR. You always have one-click access to the patient chart with medication, allergy alerts and problem lists clearly in view. We’ve included shortcuts for templates you can customize for your own practice. Plus, it’s built on industry-leading knowledge bases to ensure you have fast access to clinical information you can trust. Having something designed by a doctor for doctors makes a difference.

With iRCMAX, you can access billing section of the patient then and there. Why would we give our EHR away? One simple reason: we want to earn your business. There are no strings attached, no ads included, and no worries of your information being sold to third parties. We just want to show you what iRCMAX can do for your practice on the clinical side so you might consider Billing Service in the future. It really is that simple.