iRCM can help you significantly reduce payroll costs, accelerate revenue cycles, assure transaction-processing accuracy and regulatory compliance, and enhance patient and physician satisfaction.


  • Focus on low-value, low-margin accounts that make it difficult for you to profitably recover your revenues
  • Generate cleaner, faster claims with extensive healthcare business process knowledge, multiple layers of quality control and compliance checks, and quick turnaround in upstream billing processes such as coding and charge entries
  • Attain better yields at lower cost through our efficient payer follow-up and denial/rejection processes

Why iRCM:

  • Team with cumulative experience of 25+ years in the US healthcare industry
  • AAPC certified medical coders
  • HIPAA compliant processes
  • Cost-Effective service
  • Quick and timely delivery
  • Assured quality service
  • Meet and exceed service level guarantees
  • Dedicated, highly responsive and personalized service
  • Ability to rapidly scale-up to meet growth needs
  • Adaptation to any software of client
Patient Services (Save 5%) Claim Services (Save 12%)
Appointment Scheduling Transcription
Patient Enrollment Coding
Eligibility Verification Claims Generation
Pre-Cert-Per-Auth Claims Generation & Submition
AR Services (Save 10%) Payment Services (Save 5%)
Denial Follow-up Payment Review
Denial Analysis Payment Posting
Insurance Follow-up Payment Balancing
Patient Follow-up